Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 1st; 6.30pm
Pizza-n-Play III in San Francisco

LIAHO's Pizza and Play is a party in a private house in the Castro area of San Francisco. Please come join our community of nudists for conversation, friendship, and delicious Goat Hill pizza followed by a sex-positive play space. Open to men 18+ only. Nudity is required.


COVID: Proof of vaccination & booster will be required and checked upon entry. Please wear a mask until you've checked in, then the mask will be optional. Respect individual choices.

Mpox: Please be mindful that not everyone has been able to get the vaccine, therefore ask for consent before any physical contact. Please follow the recommended CDC protocol on Mpox to reduce chance of exposure

General: If you experience any symptoms consistent with COVID, Mpox, or anything else, please stay home for yourself & others.


  • COVID vaccination proof
  • $15, cash or Venmo: toward cost of pizza
  • Backpack or bag: for your clothes in the changing area
  • Small towel: to sit on throughout the party.
  • Beverage: your favorite beverage, for personal use or to share.
  • Play supplies: if you like, bring things you might need (limited supplies available)
  • An open mind, and fun/joyful attitude.

Part 1, PIZZA:

Arrive between 6:30 & 7pm at which time I'll order the pizza based on who is there. If you plan to be later than 7pm and want pizza, please let me know. We'll socialize while waiting for the pizza to arrive at about 8pm. If you have any pizza restrictions, please include that in your RSVP.

Part 2, PLAY:

After eating pizza, around 8:30pm, the 3 front rooms of the house will be open as play spaces. The back portion of the house (kitchen/dining area) will remain social space (no sex) for the whole party. The hallway and changing area will be Bator areas (JO space, no penetration). There will be a safe judgement free space for all nudists!

Members click here for host & RSVP info

Saturday, November 12th, 6.30pm
Veterans' Day Potluck and Play Party in San Francisco

Break out the Red, White, and Blue and enjoy some LIAHO comradery with a great potluck and maybe a trip downstairs to play with a kindred spirit in the playroom!!

Covid vaccination check at the door. Please have vaccination proof available.


  • Covid vaccination proof
  • An absolutely delicious homemade entree or side to share with at least 6. Dessert will be provided by the Club.
  • Beverage: your favorite beverage, for personal use and to share
  • Play supplies