March/April 2018

Hey fellow nekkidians --

You may notice the scarcity of events in this newsletter. I'll return to a theme I've mentioned before: We need HOSTS for SMALLER EVENTS! You donít need a big, fancy place to be a LIAHO host. If your place can hold a handful of guys, that's cool (and cozy and intimate). You can fit the evening to your own interests: game night, bridge night, movie night, a book discussion, whatever. You don't need a pool, a hot tub or a play space in order for guys to have a good time.

Whatever size event would work for you as a host, we can help make it easier for you. LIAHO will supply you with party slaves, reimburse you for party supplies such as disposable cups or plates, and pay you a $100 honorarium (fancy word for "buy yourself something pretty with this"). And finally, you don't have to plan an event months in advance! Our trusty webmaster can notify members really fast, even on the spur of the moment.

Iíll say it again: We need HOSTS for SMALLER EVENTS! LIAHO parties, like other things, needn't be big in order to be extremely enjoyable.

Barely yours,
Chair Guy

Party Hosts Needed!

Are you interested in hosting or co-hosting a LIAHO event this year? Our Events Coordinators Larry and Mike are always looking for new ideas, hosts and venues.

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