September/October 2018

Hi guys – there are two events in this edition: a sausage party (who could resist?) and a Halloween hot tub party! There’s also a Thanksgiving event planned, with details to come.

And now for some great news: Soon YOU will have a chance to be part of the LIAHO board! Elections for at least two Board positions (President and Membership) are coming up in November. Now, before you close this document in panic, think it through. Being on the board is a little bit of work, but not much. All it takes is just a few guys to spend just a few moments every month to ensure that the group keeps functioning smoothly. And you'll be helping with something that makes a big positive difference in a lot of guys' lives. (I’ve actually witnessed a moment in LIAHO history when one brave member, by stepping up, saved the group from shutting down.) Believe it or not, Board membership is actually kind of fun, and you get a free dinner with every LIAHO board meeting!

Thanks for listening to the naked truth here, and do start thinking about being on the board.

Yours in the buff,
Mike B

Party Hosts Needed!

Are you interested in hosting or co-hosting a LIAHO event this year? Our Events Coordinators Larry and Mike are always looking for new ideas, hosts and venues.

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