President's Message

May/June 2019

Dear Naked Brothers,

I'm sure you who anxiously await the receipt of this newsletter have sorely missed this message in the last two publications (not?). Its absence, however, is symbolic of how this wonderful volunteer organization actually works. The members of the steering committee, both new and retiring, have fulfilled their roles so competently that there was little reason to call an official meeting of the group (that may be my only purpose as president). Things seem to have been running quite smoothly without any supervision by me. Such enthusiasm and energy!

Dave B, outgoing membership chair, along with his sidekick Mike S, turned things over to Gary and Mark. And so, it seems we have many new members in our presence. Dave has been serving in this job for over four years. His dedication is exemplary.

Larry L, 2018 events coordinator, found two individuals to succeed him: Bill and Fred. As you can see by this newsletter, they've done a great job in scheduling at least two events per month.

Seph, our treasurer since 2014, however, found himself nearly overwhelmed by professional and personal obligations. He relinquished his job at our meeting this April. Since I once audited Seph's work, I will cover this function for the time being. We are ever grateful for Seph's long years of service in this tedious and thankless position.

We can never thank our hosts enough, so I'm going to do that now. Hosts for November and December of 2018 and so far in 2019 were: Ryan, Steve S and Jay E, Fred and Gary, Dave B, Joe and Morgan, Nils, and Mark W.

Although events are already confirmed through August and September of this year, we can always use more hosts and gatherings. So, think about joining in on the fun, and offering your services in this regard.

Looks like a long hot summer is already upon us. Just more reason to get out of those confining garments.

Larry G.

Party Hosts Needed!

Are you interested in hosting or co-hosting a LIAHO event this year? Our Events Coordinators Fred and Bill are always looking for new ideas, hosts and venues.

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